Stabilant 22™ from D.W. Electrochemicals

June 1, 2015  -  GHS / WHMIS 2015 compliant labels are being introduced for Stabilant products. Please check back as we update these.

Please note: The labels shown here are typical of those on our products. We show only a representative sample here, for the 15mL packaging and bottles. Others include those used as "custom" labels or over-labels, for many of our customers who require their part number and/or logo in packaging or bottles. Along with custom labels, we can supply Military Specification Labels and Package labels, including bar coding as necessary.

Stabilant 22 - Tube Label

Stabilant_22 - Tube Label

This material is not toxic or hazardous; Stabilant 22 labels will be unchanged as GHS compliance does not require any further information.

Stabilant 22 - Bottle Label

Stabilant 22 - Bottle Label

Stabilant 22A - Tube Label

Stabilant 22A - Tube Label

Stabilant 22A - Bottle Label

Stabilant 22A  - Bottle Label

Other labels will be added once compliance with all applicable regulations is confirmed.

Revision 3

Stabilants are a product of Dayton Wright research & development and are made in Canada

NSCM/Cage Code - NATO Supply Code 38948

SAFETY DATA SHEETS are available on request.