Ordering & Payment for Stabilant 22 Products

Ordering & Payment for Stabilant 22 Products

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Stabilant 22™ from D.W. Electrochemicals

Product Availability

Please see the Products page to view the assortment of sizes for Stabilant 22 products, in concentrate and diluted formulations.

This provides a guide to selecting the most appropriate product, considering usage and shipping considerations, within Canada or international.

New Orders

We would prefer that all new customers contact our sales staff at 905-508-7500 for the newest details on setting up an account with D.W. or obtaining Stabilant products from one of our Authorized Distributors.

New distributors will be added when time permits and we will provide stock numbers, where available, as used by those companies for Stabilant products.

Please note that some distributors will sell only to dealers or other divisions of their company.

You can also inquire by email at: dwel@stabilant.com. Please provide your contact information and let us know what sort of application you intend for Stabilant products. This will help us to establish the best way to provide the quantities you may need.

(Please note: At this time, we are not accepting online or email orders.)

Accounts and Payment

Please note that on direct sales, we have a minimum order policy.

Where single piece orders are approved, we sell only at our retail prices, unless previous arrangements have been made.

Unless a company is well-known in the field, we reserve the right to request that a Credit Application Form be submitted to us, and receive approval for a Net 30 account, before we ship. On all orders from outside North America, this is a mandatory requirement that was set by our Board.

Payment can be billed to any company on a Net 30 account once credit is approved by our credit department. On orders from outside of Canada and the United States, we require payment in advance, by bank draft. Call our credit department for clarification.

When we require payment by letter of credit, money order, bank draft or money order, please note that our invoicing is what we expect to receive, while any fees charged by any financial institution must be paid by the customer. (Once a customer pays us, and we find that any such institution has charged us any fee, we reserve the right to bill the customer for the fee plus a nominal handling charge).

Credit Cards:  We do NOT accept credit cards in payment for any order. Our experience with conversion of non-Canadian currencies included various discrepancies, some involving double exchange transactions. The resolution of these involved inconvenience for customers and our accounting staff. At the discretion of our Board, this may change, in the event that we later introduce online ordering.


Shipment on some of the smaller sizes of the undiluted material can be made by postal service. Otherwise, we prefer to ship by Fed/Ex or other reputable couriers. First, check with your courier. Outside of Canada, we can thus use FedEx's custom brokers.

Where the goods are worth less than $2500 (USD), U.S. customs can use an Informal Entry which generally does not require any extra charge for custom brokerage.
On the other hand, shipments that require a Formal Entry, will require the payment of these charges by the customer.

In keeping with customs requirements, D.W. Electrochemicals Ltd. always includes the Commercial Invoice and NAFTA Certificate of Origin with our direct shipments. Where diluents are used some carriers require us to use special forms, as alcohols are classified as hazardous substances

We recommend that all users of Stabilant products obtain the relevant Safety Data Sheet. Various languages are available, and we have CLP-compliant versions for European customers and distributors. You can request these directly (call us at 905-508-7500), or download printable PDF files HERE