Application Note 35 - Tinting of Connectors

Application Note 35 - Tinting of Connectors

What causes color-tinting of Stabilant films on contacts?
Some customers have commented that when Stabilants are used on some contacts, they acquire a pale-colored tint (ranging from indigo through green). and they have expressed concern over this phenomenon.

It occurs primarily because of minute amounts of corrosion being present either on the surface of the connector material, in locations where there are pinholes in the precious-metal plating that is often employed, or at the non-plated and therefore unprotected contact-edges of card-edge male contacts. The application of the Stabilant lifts and dilutes these trace corrosion products producing the visible color change. Many metal oxides or corrosion complexes are often highly colored as we witness in their use in artist's pigments. A very minute amount can easily result in tinting of the otherwise colorless Stabilant film. Part of Stabilant's beneficial action is its ability to lift corrosion by-products and hold them in suspension.

If this coloration is of concern, re-application of the Stabilant will so dilute it as to render it negligible; however as the color rarely has any effect on the proper operation of the connector, most service personnel or manufacturers simply ignore the effect.

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NATO Supply Code 38948
15 ml of S22A has NATO Part # 5999-21-900-6937